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Recently I was looking on eBay for a Super Clamp. A Super Clamp is a small device that can me used to attach your camera flash to surfaces in a room to provide light from different angles. It’s way smaller than carrying around a separate tripod or stand for your flash and this small device costs about $40. That price is about $35 more than I am willing to spend. Here’s how I made my own Super Clamp for about $5 to fit my Nikon SB-800 camera flash.

Step 1:

With only a few items from Home Depot, I am able to make my Super Clamp. I picked up an Irwin mini Quick Grip clamp, a 1/4″ bolt and two 1/4″ nuts.

Building a Flash Clip

Step 2:

Using a 1/4″ drill bit, drill a hole in the side of the handle that does not have the clamp release. This should be obvious.

Building a Flash Clip

Step 3:

Put your bolt through your new hole and attach the two nuts to the outside of the clamp. You can actually probably get away with only using one nut but I thought that two nuts would keep the bottom nut in place and tight.

Building a Flash Clip Building a Flash Clip

Step 4:

My SB-800 came with a little stand that has a tripod mount, so this step may be a lot easier for me that others who have other flashes. Simply screw on the tripod mount and you’re done! Now you can attach your flash and start taking photos using light from all angles.

Building a Flash Clip Building a Flash Clip Building a Flash Clip Building a Flash Clip Building a Flash Clip

Note: I should give credit to Strobist for introducing me to Super Clamps. It was this site where I first read about Super Clamps. They just seemed a bit too expensive for such a simple device.

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Great tip. I jumped on’s website and found multiple sizes for the mini-clamps:
2 inch
4 inch

It’s not immediately apparent from the photos what size the clamps were in this example. Does anybody know offhand, or have experience with the various sizes?

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