Flash Components Missing Fonts

So here’s a nice bug that took me about a month to figure out:

  1. Make a component (SWC file) in Flash 8 that uses a Dynamic text field. Set the font to Arial and make sure that you embed the characters that you need. I embedded [a-zA-Z0-9].
  2. Export your SWC file.
  3. Drag your component from the Components panel into a new flash file.
  4. If your flash file does not use any text fields that contain the font Arial, then you’ll be good to go. However, try putting a static text field on your stage with the word “HELLO”. If your Flash acts the same way that mine does, it will drop all of the embedded characters from your component except for the characters that appear on the stage (i.e. H, E, L and O).
  5. The only solutions that I have found are:
    1. Make a separate dynamic text field off the stage which embeds all of the characters that your Component does. This solution is not recommended though, because if your component ever changes its font, you may run into the same problem all over again.
    2. Never use static text on the same stage that you are putting a component. This seems a bit drastic, but if you make a point of only using dynamic text fields with reasonable font sets embedded, then you will run into this problem less.

I emailed Adobe about this problem, but they wouldn’t support me because they don’t deal with custom components. Hopefully it’s addressed and fixed in future versions.

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I read your blog, but you have lots of spam in your comments. You should check to see if there are any anti-spam programs to stop these jokers from ruining your blog.

Anyway, about the post. I could not replicate the problem. I’m having an embedding issue. I don’t understand why when I add a special font to a movie, it doesn’t embed the font. Instead, visitors to my website report that the font looks different than what I intended. What gives?!?!

Hi Eddie. Thanks for your comments. I didn’t realize this article had so much spam in it. I’ve cleaned it up now.

As for your problem, I’m not sure what could be causing that, rather than perhaps your visitors aren’t running your swf’s at the same quality that you are. In my experience, the fonts that are exported with the SWF will be displayed the same for anyone who visits your site.

THANK YOU SO MUCH.. have been struggling with font embedding in swcs for a few weeks now.

I have multiple swcs compiled into one swf… when i add new art in the form of a swc with font name X it makes all the font Xs in the other swcs dissapear…

making all the textfields in the new swc dynamic fixed my issue!

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