Guitar Hero optimal strategies

Just when I thought I was starting to get a bit good at Guitar Hero I stumbled upon a site that opened my eyes to an entire new world of Guitar Hero skill. is a site which documents most of the best Guitar Hero scores in the world. You see, the thing about Guitar Hero, is that you could hit every single note in a song, but if you don’t use your Star Power and whammy bar at exactly the right point, you may find that you only rank about 500th in the world.

Poking around a bit further in the site, I found this list of note charts and optimal “paths” through each song in the game. It appears as though a fellow named debr5836 created a program which extracts the songs of Guitar Hero, analyzes them and then finds the optimal strategy to maximize your score. This means using the whammy bar at exactly the right time, and hitting your Star Power so that you get the longest streak of notes possible. That is, of course, if you need something more challenging than getting 100% on Expert. Sigh…

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