iTunes 7 – Unnamed Album Fix

For those of you who haven’t heard yet, Apple released version 7 of iTunes yesterday. The new version has lots of new features including movie support from the iTunes Music Store, iPod games, and way more support for album artwork including automatic downloading from the iTunes Music Store, and Cover Flow which is an awesome new way of showing all of your albums in iTunes visually.

One problem that people will notice almost immediately while browsing by album, is that any tracks that do not have an album name specified will automatically take up their own spot in your album browser. So if you have 20 tracks by an artist, but no album information specified, then each of those 20 tracks take up a spot in your album browser. It would be much better if Apple had grouped all of these tracks together in one “Unnamed Album”, but we wouldn’t be so lucky.

Here’s a simple fix that will rectify that problem lickety-split: In the album view, sort all your tracks by album name. All of the tracks with unnamed albums will go to the bottom of the list. Highlight all of those tracks, and view their info (Command+i on a Mac). You’ll get a warning about changing all the tracks at once, then simply type the album name “Unnamed” or “Unknown” or “null” or whatever you’d like. Click OK. All of the tracks will be assigned an album of that name.

Now when you’re browsing by artist, any tracks that previously took up their own spot in your album browser, are now grouped under an album named “Unnamed”. Voila!

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