LG Fridge Door Alarm

I believe that I am the first person to post this problem on the net, because I’ve done some extensive searching and turned up nothing.

So, as you may have guessed (or deduced), our new fridge was delivered last night. The delivery guys came and dropped it off. The fridge is fancy as can be: Stainless steel, bottom-mount freezer, energy efficient…. and a nifty feature called a “Door Alarm”.

Broken fridge alarm

The Door Alarm is a “feature” of the fridge that detects when the door is left open for a long period of time. After one minute with the door open, the alarm will beep. Every 30 seconds thereafter, it will continue to beep until the door is closed. However, in our case, the door alarm beeps constantly from the moment we plug it in, whether the door is open or not. Other than that, the fridge works great. It’s just too bad I can’t live with beeping noises going off every 30 seconds.

So FutureShop has scheduled an exchange, and they’re coming with a brand new fridge this Saturday. Hopefully this one will be able to keep quiet.

(For search engine indexing, my LG Refrigerator model number is LRBN20514)

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We just had our LG fridge delivered today, and I was about to complain about the door alarm "feature," but I guess since ours only functions as "designed" I can’t complain. Who was the dingbat who came up with this idea?

I agree Rosemary, what “dingbat” came up with that great feature. It’s especially annoying when you need to clean the fridge and the doors have to stay opened for an extended period! It’s so stupid….

My only complaint it it’s so quite it took me a Long time to figure out what was making noise the fist couple times. Of course while looking for the source of the beeping the door to the fridge got closed so it went away without realizing where it was coming from. Mine is faint if anything is on i.e. The tv or radio you won’t hear it. Would like to turn it up.

I have had this same refrigerator for a little less than 2 years. All of a sudden it starts beeping for no apparent reason. The doors are shut and still it beeps. It beeps morning, noon, and night. When it "BEEPS" the Express Freeze button lights up. It can beep once, fifty times, hundreds, thousands… No rhyme or reason. It can beep for 5 minutes or 4 hours straight. I have had the main circuit board replaced, however, it continues to BEEP. Anyone else have these problems??? My model # is 79575546401. It’s the LG trio(made for Sears as Kenmore Elite bottom freezer with double refrigerator.)

Yes! what did you ever do to make it stop? I can’t stand it. I am literally going insane 24-7 and I work at home so it is going to drive me to the loony bin. It’s literal torture.

Same problem here. My first thought was the front circuit board in the doors behind the buttons and display so I tried cleaning that with no effect. Read some more and saw that “experts” said it was the main board in the back so I replaced that. No help. Next replaced the front board in the door and that solved it (been about six months so far without any beeps or Express Freeze lights)

my board has been replaced … the light in freezer went out .. tech told me that it was the computer board … he replaced … Now a few years later it is doing it again …. Ridiculous

Lauren – did you ever get your issue resolved? I am now having the exact same issue and just had an LG repairman here. He said the magnets inside the door must have dropped, which tells the computer the door is open, even if it is closed. This in turn also tells the computer to not allow the water/ice maker to work. He is replacing the right French door. He had no clue what caused the magnets to drop and said my door is not overloaded with weight. I have to wait a week for the door to come in, so in the meantime, he lifted the right door (it is now uneven with the left door), which aligned the interior magnet that dropped, which in turn shut off the annoying alarm.

I have the same problem just started–the unit is about 18 months old. I tried cutting the power for a few minutes to re-set the unit but it still beeps. Anybody know how to disable the alarm??

I was never able to find a solution to disable the door alarm. We had to have the entire fridge replaced. Maybe someone out there has a better solution?

My problem is that beep is of musical sound now and it beeps every time freeze is being opened…..
What it can be???

Ours is about a year and a half old. Last week it started beeping, and beeped for TWO DAYS!! Was quiet for a day, and just now, with no one even in the kitchen,,,,,,Beeping again. Sure wish someone had a fix.

ok at the top of fridge is a grey cover that covers the wires that are attached to the fridge make sure that little button is pushed in when the doors are closed..

I have intermittently had a problem with the alarm on my LG Frig Model LMX25964. Initially I found taping the switch in the lower freezer compartment, which senses the door not shut, fixed the problem. Several months later, the problem restarted & I found ice was jammed around the switch. Not sure how or why but when I removed the ice, & opened & closed the switch several times, the 30 sec. alarm finally stopped. But this morning, my wife woke me to tell me that it started again. This time I couldn’t get it to stop. I have always suspected a defective switch in that lower freezer door but now it’s failed completely. I will have to try writing LG for a new switch but removing the freezer drawer to gain access, is an unhappy pain. I have had quality problems with LG (formerly known as Lucky Goldstar) but I liked the model so we bought it hoping they have outgrown their quality issues. I had an LG dishwasher that I had to return because it was unable to even remove the butter from a butter knife. It was more accurately a “boat anchor shaped like a dishwasher, down to every internal detail”. Very happy with the Bosch DW I replaced it with. We shall see if LG will support their products like an appliance company that may want to build/repeat business for the products that have obviously got some design flaws, based upon these alarm postings. The alarm can be turned off, clearly defeating this valuable feature, should you accidentally leave one or more doors open.

Yes the switch is the problem because moisture gets inside and freezes the contacts together. If that happens it will signal the freezer door is open and shut off blower to freezer whereby frost starts building. Easy fix is to take switch out, unplug, take cover off, get rid of moisture, careful not to let spring fly away. When you open cover you will see two contact points and spring and switch mechanism, get some silicone grease and place between the contacts, that should help from contacts freezing together from moisture. You can purchase switch(6600JB1010A) and install but do put silicone grease to help prevent contacts from freezing. Service tech will charge close to $150, switch is $6 fix, so hardest part is prying out switch with thin head screwdriver. Hope this helps.


Just cut the wires on the Piezzo Buzzer, it looks like a little circle, or put a piece of tape on it, this will stop this really annoying beep, you need to have some Electical Knowledge though, sure some one you know can do it.

We have an American fridge freezer and i agree i thought ours was bad enough with the way it is supposed to work i dread to think if it continued all the time i think i would take and axe to it..
i must find out how to disable it properly cause it is otherwise a great fridge

did anyone ever find the wire that powers this beep? i would really like to disconnect it but i dont want to screw up the fridge

I’m having the same problem with my LG French door bottom freezer refrigerator. It starts beeping when I’m cleaning the inside, and if I don’t keep shutting the doors, the interior light goes off. Now the light isn’t going back on, even after I had the doors shut for 10 minutes (and have not finished cleaning it). Aaaarrrgh.

new kenmore side by side frig model 795.5881..just delivered 11/30/09..being picked up and replaced(with better model fyi)on 12/10/09 due to some unforseen but unacceptable cosmetic flaws that should’ve never passed quality control…that said..the damn thing started beeping today and driving us crazy…finally taped down the little gray button/knob that the door is apparently not connecting with when frig door is we have no light in frig section but at least no beeping..hopefully they can bring our new frig before Thursday..of course this all started Sunday evening and no one to call to get relief…hope this helps…..

New LG fridge delivered yesterday. They forgot to change the door to open on the right. After they swapped the door (which took them a long time and they scratched the paint) the fridge began beeping and the light doesn’t come on when we open it.

My fridge was delivered today. I LOVE the door alarm feature. It works perfectly right now, and I know when the kids are in the fridge for too long, or just forget to close it. I am sure a mom came up with this brilliant idea!

Amy, if a “mom” designed this feature, then clearly she’s never had to CLEAN the thing, which occassionally requires the door be open for LONGER than 30 seconds. I’m trying to clean out my fridge right now and I’m being harrassed by this noise.

OK, I disabled the alarm; here’s how I did it.

Stand on a chair and with a philips screwdriver remove the screw fastening down the grey plastic plate that covers the wiring going from the top of the fridge to the right hand (refrigerator) door.

Lift the plate from the right side ( screw side ) and it will slide out from a notch on the left.

This will reveal the wiring. You will see four wires bundled together attached to a white plastic plug, which is attached to the push button switch that tells the unit the door is closed.

Unplug the wiring.

You will see that two wires are skinny, the outside wire being orange, and the 2nd wire pink.

Cut the ORANGE wire.

I’d recommend cutting it in the CENTER too in case you ever want to reconnect it ( consider that your unit may be different than mine ).

Reattach the plug to the switch and replace the cover plate.


The refrigerator light should go out properly when the door is closed, but there will be no beep when the door is left open. Now you just need to remember to close the door. 😉

Bob do you have pictures of what this looks like and where it’s located? I don’t see this at all on my fridge and it is beeping constantly for months now. I am literally going insane. Thank you. Bonus if you live in the Orlando area I will pay you to come and do this to my fridge!

I am considering purchasing this LG refrig and after asking several sales people who had no answer a lady at Home Depot – who owns an LG French Door frige – said the alarm can be deactivated by holding the button down for three seconds. Re-activate it by holding the button again for three seconds. Does this work? It may make the difference of my buying/not buying this product!

YES! Holding down the button (only have to hold one of the 2) works to eliminate the annoying beep. Nan (#19) thank you so much for the advice. I didn’t really want to cut any wires.

OK there is another solution to cutting the wires. If you open the front panel you should be able to pull out the circuit board. Mine slid out quite easily. on the board you should be able to locate the bell. It is black with a small hole on the front. You can then tape a small piece of duct tape over the whole and dramatically reduce the volume of the alarm.

Thus you still have an alarm just not one that makes you want to kill yourself.

This bugs the crap out of me. Buy the ‘dream frig’ and you come home and it screams at you? Can somebody explain this to me?
Do the LG engineers realize that some people out in the real world still cook?
It reminds me of the neighbor who activates their car alarm producing a blazing Ka-PING sound that wakes-up every dog and baby over a full square mile.
Whose the Einstein that comes up with these features?

Scott, #24: I totally agree; what good could this ridiculous feature possibly offer? My LG still has slanted hinges so it’s going to close anyway left unattended.

I will be cutting wires here shortly.

To celebrate I might have a midnight snack of just whatever in the hell I feel like dancing around the kitchen enjoying the nightligh. In the past it was too risky while trying to set a land speed record with the door open before the that God Awful sadistic buzzer blew my family out of bed.


I took of the front/top cover on the top of the fridge. Within it sits a little (white)rubberised/oval shaped sensor. I tucked it back away from where it originaly sits and haven’t heard anything since. I will report back and advise soon. So far, so good.

I just bought a 2017 LG model with top freezer. The buzzer on mine is also located on the to on right side. I took the cap off and just unplugged the buzzer which is plugged into the small board, Easy to do. No more buzzer!! No wires to cut. Yee haa!

Just tried solutions number 19 and 20 on my new (constantly beeping) LG bottom freezer refrigerator. It worked. What a relief! thanks so much!

Ours does not beep anymore. In fact lights are out in frig town. What to do . My husband believes it is electrical. Bought the frig in 2008. Not happy this evening. Thank God we have coolers and ice was not melted.

Anyone know why the control panel might be displaying all info and the lock light is on. Not able to change the control display at all. noticed some areas of fridge getting real cold–crisper is freezing veggies. any ideas?

Terrie, This sounds like a control board problem and would require replacement. Not being able to change any setting is usually linked to the control board failure. Does need to be checked out due to the fact the board may fail completely and the frig quit.

My method. Use a butter knife to remove bulb cover inside fridge (pry on the front right and then the front left,there are 1 tab on each side). Remove two phillips head screws (on front right and left of controls) there will be a stud in the front center, I used needle nose pliers to grab a hold of it and pry down.It just pops into the upper plastic lining.Allow control panel to hang, on the right side you will see and hear a round,black, plastic piece. You can cover it to muffle the noise or do as I did and seperate the outer cover (using a butterknife). There are 3 very small wires attatching these I severed just one with the knife and replaced the black cap. Time allowed 25 min but oh what sweet silence.
Pop the center stud back into hole re-install 2 screws,and re-install light cover. This did not affect any other functions in the control panel and has made my wife and I very happy. I tried to cut my wires from the top right of the door but they were all grey in color, so I opted to disconnect the beeper it self. This is recommended for informational purposes only and any action you take is at your own risk.

My method – clean the back of the fridge. Get rid of all the dust along the grills and embrace the sound of silence!!
If that doesn’t work, stick some tape on the little gadget on the right side that gets compressed by the fridge door when it’s shut. That gadget is what tells the fridge that the door is shut and also turns on the light when the door is open, so if you tape it up (so that it’s permanently compressed), the fridge thinks the door is always shut. Obviously it means you get no light when you open the fridge, but the silence is oh! so worth it!

My Kenmore LG Refrig-Freezer Model 795 Saga. First the freezer handle fell off. Then the door handle. Then the freezer door started popping open when you shut the frig door. (weak door magnets) The door alarm then goes off. Beeps every 30 secs. Next phase, alarm beeps constantly, whether door is closed or not. In this mode, refrig lights don’t work. HOW TO FIX IT. Control panel was on back of frig. Remove screws, open. Look for the Piezo Buzzer. What is that, you say? Do a google image search. Black disk thing with small hole in center on one side. Mine was on end. Unplug frig. Get pliers. Grasp the Piezo and pull. Place shattered Piezo on floor. Take hammer. Enjoy smashing this $3 item into unrecognizable bits. Replace control panel cover. Vacuum disgusting dust etc accumulated under frig. Go celebrate.

Thank you! I removed the plate on the back, found a protrubing, black thingie with the tiny marker “buzzer” and carefully removed it with pliers.
All gone!

mine was beeping after doors were closed. after trying the hold down button method for the french doors that didn’t work, I looked for the bottom freezer button. it turned out that there was ice formed on the freezer button that wasn’t allowing the trigger to fully depress. Once I cleared the ice, no more beep.

Door alarm was driving me nutzz, LG french with freezer door below. Happy that I read through all of the comments, turned out freezer sensor was not being fully drepressed(iced) why this would also control the lights for the fridge is besides me but right now do not care the beep is gone…

Refrigerator buzzer Kenmore Elite Trio Bottom Freezer #795.75543401
Digtal panel on front which displays temperatures and water dispenser pops off. Use a flat head screw driver or putty knife. In order to protect refrigerator surface use masking tape around the panel.
Pop off, unscrew the circuit board from the display panel. On the circuit board, there is a round black buzzer. Pop off the cover using straight pin and remove the metal disc.
Reassemble circuit board to display and pop display board in to front of refrigerator.
Pay attention to the temperatures.

WhooHoo!!!! I was all ready to unscrew the entire door. The control panel popped out VERY easily – and the little buzzer is now muffled. Of course, put back together, so far no alarm. We did blow out some moisture (our freezer sits outside)… so maybe that helped. Time will tell. THANK YOU for your post!!!

Thank you, it worked. I first replaced the control panel board in the rear of the refrigerator and then the switches and neither of them solved the problem. I wasted my money on those fixes, but everything is quiet now using your fix. Thanks again.

Bob commented on March 10th, 2010 at 4:32 a.m.:

OK, I disabled the alarm; here’s how I did it. you need to read Bob commented
Thank you very much Bob it wroks this diing sound it was gatitng my nereve finally i was able to disable it thank yo Jesus i thank you Bob the Evil one is down may god beless you Bob T.K

Hello, I have a LG LMX25964ST French Door Refrigerator with freezer on the bottom. I have had it for 4 months and today I noticed everything in the freezer had thawed and the refrigerator part is not cooling. The lights on the control panel are staying on and the alarm keeps going off even though the doors are shut. I am so upset. It is only 1 week away from Thanksgiving and I am so stressed now. I have unpluged it for hours and it has defrosted all the way so I don’t think it’s that.

Mrs King, dust accumulation on the cooling coils can cause the frig to defrost from overheating. It can also cause the cooling zones to drop and you might need to increase the cooling on the dial. This is an indiacation of coils being plugged with dust. If they are clear you may have a problem with the cooling to the freezer drawer. You say the lights on the panel are on? If the are displaying constant messages that you can not clear would mean a problem with the control board. Seems like this is a problem with these frigs. Hope this helps.

I have the lg refrigerator model# lrsc26923tt and their is a way that you can mute the door chime by pressing the express freezing and dispenser button at the same time wait till you get a beep and let go. That solved my problem. Hope this helps

i have an LG lfx25975 french door refridge anyone out there know how to remove the front panel/ice dispencer/water dispencer/ display panel

All… I have a brand new LG french door fridge with freezer on bottom. Model is LFC20786ST. My wife HATES the door alarm, but I find it handy. Does anyone know where this frickin alarm buzzer is on this fridge? I have been told I won’t get any sex until it is disabled!!! HELP!

The buzzer seems to be located in the same place as many other ones with this problem Locate the control panel and remove cover. The piezo buzzer is a small round disk with usually only two wires. It is just a matter of cutting one of the two wires to silence the buzzer. You may want to leave the door open so the buzzer will sound so it is easier to locate and then cut one wire and the buzzer should be disarmed. Hop this helps.

Re: #18, there were no orange and pink wires for my model (LG model #: LFC25760SW). I cut the yellow and red wires instead (one at a time) but that didn’t help disable the door alarm.

For me, #19 also didn’t work as I didn’t find any “button” that I could disable for 3 seconds.

I tried the option suggested in #9 – Here are the steps:

1. Removed the back panel which says for “technicians only”
2. I opened the fridge door to let the alarm sound and then located the alarm buzzer (top right of the circuit board panel) – It is black and circular) and marked “buzzer”
3. I disconnected the power cord
4. I took a scissors and disconnected one of the white metal wires (or solder connection) in the buzzer and voila – no more annoying beeps.

Hope this helps.

THE SOLUTION!!!!! I have THE solution for the awful stupid Kenmore fridge alarm going off for no reason!!!!! It came to me in a dream…. All you have to do is buy those little felt round protective pads and stick them in the DOOR directly across from the closer button. THAT IS IT! I bought the felt pads that were about 1/8″. Be sure you do BOTH the fridge and the freezer doors. That’s it and it works. Done Deal!!! You’re welcome….. 🙂

I followed #50 and it worked! After 3 days of slamming door to try to get it to stop. I called lg and was told by customer service I shouldn’t of bought a refridgerator with an alarm if I didn’t want it to work. Needless to say last LG product I will ever buy.

disable lg lfc2577ost alarm. unscrew and remove the inside lighting encasement. unplug the power to the motherboard and lights. remove the entire panel. on motherboard you’ll see the black buzzer on the left. snap it off the motherboard with a butter knife. reassemble. no more alarm.

Wow, I thought that the little alarm was a good deterrent to holding the door open while musing about the contents. Guess it’s not so clever after all.

Our fridge was sending us completely mad,solution got some blue tac put it over freezer button peace and quite.SEEMS THAT SWITCH OFF BUTTON NOT LONG ENOUGH TO HIT DOOR TO SWITCH OFF

We have a model 795.755 from 2001 that has also been possessed by the beeping demon (it has a water dispenser on the door and ice in the freezer compartment). On ours it is NOT the door open alarm ringing, but the beep the panel makes when you change settings (the sounds are different). It can be disabled when you press the child ‘lock’ button, but then you also can’t serve water. The problem started years ago when it would occasionally spontaneously reset the temperature. Now it is nearly constantly beeping when it is humid, but it is not changing the set temperature on the panel (the beep stops in the winter, and in the summer it stops if we run the house AC, we live in the South and it gets very humid).

i just bought an lg fridge same beeping problem drove me nuts for two days.eventually found out the door does not push door button in far need to put a spacer on door side of fridge so that it pushes doorswitch in further.even when door is shut fridge thinks it is open and continues way is to use double sided tape with a small piece of cardboard on outer side good luck

I had the same problem. I also noticed that my freezer light wasn’t coming on and that my water dispenser didn’t work.

Turned out that the freezer door sensor was screwed up and wasn’t registering when the freezer was open or close. It caused the alarm to go off occasionally and the water dispenser not to work sometimes too.

I have a lgc25770st LG Refer. I was going crazy with the BEEP BEEP BEEP door alarm sound while I was trying to clean the fridge inside. I removed the light cover on the inside of the refer by gently pushing the cover toward the rear, then I located the alarm. In this model it is inside surface, on the upper left inside of the light housing. You have to stick you head inside the refer and look back at the light housing with the cover removed. It is a square hole in the white plastic housing, and inside that hole is the satanic black round alarm. I stuck an ice pick through it and moved it off its mooring inside the housing. Not too gently, mind you. No more alarm sound. I didn’t have to open up any access box or cut any wires. Good luck.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!! My husband and I were about to enter ourselves into a psych ward. Holy hell! It worked. Thank you!

Thank you! This worked for the continuous beeping which was not caused by any button malfunction. We just pried the black beeper off (with a screwdriver) of the motherboard after unplugging the whole light fixture.

Ha ha, Skip. I’ll be cutting my wires soon. I have a panic attack when I am opening the fridge and the babies are sleeping. Any time of day that buzz is like a bomb. Bad idea to not make it optional. I understand it’s an energy saving feature but it should be ajustable. I’d like mine to ring after a couple of minutes or more. We clean the fridge weekly, and it’s really annoying hearing that sound…

I have model LBC22520SW that worked flawless for a year. Then the cursed beeping began; usually at 3am.
I tried everything, including cleaning the seals, cleaning the coils (they weren’t dirty), even went as far as wrapping the beeper with thick tape to muffle the sound but we could still hear it.
Today I opened the the rear cover over the main board and de-soldered one of the leads on the beeper speaker itself – DONE!!
No more beeping

Jeff I think i have to result to this solution too because I’m literally unable to sleep from the beeping all night long. I’m just afraid that the fridge won’t come back on again if it constantly thinks the door is sitll open. My fridge turns off completely after it has been beeping for 15 minutes or so. Can you shed some light on how your fridge has been working since you did this fix with the beeper? Thank you.

I’ve got the beeping alarm from the ice machine – no rhyme or rhythm to when the beep sounds. Have tried all everything I can that has been outlined here, plus anything else – but on goes the “pinging” noise. Yesterday I couldn’t change the water/ice buttons – could only get water. Now all the buttons are working, but the pinging is getting more frequent. any ideas?

This is a design flaw with LG so the ultimate solution is to not buy any more LG refrigerators. The refrigerator repair guy also told me that LG has a design problem with the lower freezer fan that circulates the air and wears out quickly. The biggest issue is that the repair guy cannot get parts for LG products from any local parts supply warehouses since they have to be special ordered directly from LG. So we had to WAIT for the part with no refrigerator, but thankfully we had a second one in the garage for the interim. BTW do not keep refrigerators in the garage due to hot and cold temperatures that damage the refrigerator. We moved that one back into the house.

Interesting info. Thanks very much for the helpful tips. I hope you didn’t lose any food in the process of having your fridge repaired. I hope LG is listening.

why would you buy a refrigerator with an alarm on it in the first place. What is the point? Since the early 1900s when the modern electric refrigerator was open, we managed to open and close it on our own. Ok that is my rant. Thanks for reading.

You’re probably hitting the nail on the head, Carina. This “technological advancement” is annoying and obviously causing problems for a lot of people. I don’t need an alarm to tell me the door is open.

if you want TO END THE BUZZ FOREVER…..Remove the metal cover on the top of the frig and if you face the frig in the middle right of the PC board is 1″ tall black round plastic buzzer.
There are 2 leads soldered to the diaphragm.

Cut the lead that goes to the center of the diaphragm and BUZZER NO MORE.
You don’t have to shut off the power as it’s low voltage.

Also the “Buzzer” is labeled right next to it ‘BUZZER” on the PC board.
Nothing will happen other than you won’t hear the sound any more.
The frig will still send the signal but it WON’T BEEP!

valgaray: can you please tell me if I disable that soldered lead, will the fridge still think the door is open and shut down, though? After mine beeps for more than about 15 minutes, the whole fridge goes off. I’m afraid if I disable the alarm, the fridge will still think it’s open, turn off after 15 minutes, and then never come back on again. thank you.

I CAN TELL YOU WHAT THE PROBLEM IS AND HOW TO FIX IT!! It took me 1 year, 2 technicians, 3 door alarm switches and countless sleepless nights to finally figure out there’s a design flaw with the freezer door. There is a moulded piece of plastic at the bottom of the door that’s supposed to engage the light/alarm switch when the door is closed. This piece of plastic is badly shaped and does not engage the switch properly. I fixed the problem permanently with an adhesive felt disc ((from Bunnings) cut to shape and attached to the inside of the plastic (facing freezer), This effectively thickened the plastic by appx 5mm and totally solved the problem. Hope this helps others with the same frustrating problem.

footballdietguyRhett: But did your fridge work after disabling that buzzer? Mine shuts down completely after beeping for about 15 minutes straight. I’m afriad if I disable that buzzer, it will permanently think the door is open and never come back on again. thank you.

All of a sudden after 5 months, the alarm starting to go off every 30 seconds and I could not dispense water. After some looking around, the screws that were holding the sensors in place were missing, so over time the sensor had moved.
Just called LG to send screws


Very annoying, we got new fridge yesterday. As others have said, it is because the button that is supposed to be pressed in when the doors close isn’t being pressed in far enough. My fix, others may have thought of it as i haven’t read this whole thread, is to fold up a small piece of paper. Then stick this to the door so that it presses the button in further when closing the door. Enjoy!


Anyone know how to strengthen the base plate above the vegetable drawers. I am on my third set and I am bent. What a piece of junk. I just finished putting the new ones in and the screw mounts that are used to hold the metal bar in place have already cracked. LG make these out of cheap polystyrene. If they used another type of plastic or more of the same type they are using this would not be happening. I looked everywhere for an alternate source of supply (other than LG) that would fit my fridge … would have paid extra just to remove the aggravation of having to replace the whole assembly every 18 months. LG is off my list.

Ok I am going crazy with the beeping. I have model LBC22520SW. I have removed the panel on the back that says technicians only and the beeping is ouder and seems to be coming from this location. Here is where I need help what do I cut or pull or push to make this stop. Help please….

LG SUCKS!!!! I have a LG flatscreen and after about 6 months there is a black line down the middle of the screen. I told myself never to buy another LG appliance and i was tempted with this Stainless steel fridge and the energy saving aspect of it. But the damn DOOR ALARM you can’t even disable it. I”m trying to see if I can cut the cord to stop the Door alarm but don’t know how. Anyone that is successful in doing so please let me know how.

I”m so pissed, All you good folks out there, DON”T BUY LG!

Unplug the fridge before you try anything! Seriously!
I disabled the alarm on my LG LBC22520SW by cutting the connection to the buzzer. It’s in the back, under the plate covering the circuit board. The buzzer is a circular piece in the middle-right that says ‘buzzer’ on the side of it. Disconnected the lead to it, and now no more F-ing beeping.

Have had the annoying random beeping from our fridge for over 2 years – on and off. Recently it has been beeping all of the time again, night and day, yet everything seems fine with the fridge. LG wanted £21 a month for 12 months as an extended warranty before they could come and have a look at it, or an engineer might be able to have a look for a £74 call out fee plus labour and parts.

Thanks to the advice above I located the main circuit board (on top of our American style fridge freezer) and broke (could not remove without fear of breaking the PCB) the buzzer. Fridge now running silently with no ill effects.

It is a joy to have silence again.

PLEASE….PLEASE tell me I can disable the alarm on the LG BP1031w Refrigerator. I hate this refrigerator, but its the only one my building would install and I can’t switch it out. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve “snapped” since hearing this thing. Its an AWFUL feature.

Hows it going everyone, my LG started beeping today cause my wife left the freezer just barely open (dam pizza box). Me being an Electronic Tech, I started troubleshooting. I wont tell you everything I tested, I will just give you the solution***freezer switch is your problem***
humidtiy gets into the switch causing the switch to get water in it and beep beep beep YOU GOT A SHORT CIRCUIT. The switch sytem is normal close for freezer to operate and alarm to be OFF. So you can just remove the switch(unplug) and plactic wrap plug, then push back in hole .You’ll have no light and no beep or do the following
1. Get a bottle of alcohol, cotton balls. tooth picks, blow dryer and a Flat head screwdriver VERY small about 1/4 of inch tip.
2.Open freezer door take screwdriver slide over front lip of switch, put a little forward pressure & then downward.Switch should be loose pull out and down.
3. unplug with a little pressure.
4. The switch has got a lid being held by 4 over lapping clips and two melted points.
5. Open switch, spray switch with Alcohol CAREFULLY wipe with cotton ball and toothpick
6. Blow dry switch, reassemble switch and plug back in Walla no beeping.

Mine started beeping most of the time after a few years. I noticed that if I played with, or else defrosted with a hair dryer, the freezer light switch, the noise would quit for awhile. That switch gets hung up with moisture easily, so I took it out (just pry down from the front) and sealed with silicone caulk all the cracks around the edges (and the wiring harness). Now my freezer light works every time, and my ears are happy!

I have the LG LRFD25850TT with the beep reminder. I saw a post on here about holding 2 buttons together (although a different model refrigerator) but thought I would give it a try because I didn’t trust myself cutting wires. Guess what?? It worked! Depress and hold the lock/dispenser button first. Keep it held while pressing the express frz button until you hear a beep. I then turned the lock button back off by holding it for 3 seconds and no beep. Good luck!

I have this problem in my house it isn’t beeb sound It’s sound like open speakers ,i had lg refrigerator but i am not sure where the sound came my wife she said from refrigerator ,i don’t think so pls help….

turn off the fridge before you clean it, dingbat!
this feature is for when you accidentally leave the door open (slightly open, or kids leave it open)

It’s not always about the doors being open. Mine beeps sometimes every 30 seconds, sometimes every few minutes with the doors closed… dingbat.

I took the back panel off of my LG lbc22250sb fridge and there was a little round black circle all I Did was disconnect the two little wires going to the circle and it stopped beeping don’t know if other LG are the same but if they have similar buzzer do this and it will stop beeping

I had the same problem with sound beeping repetitively. Also the air circulation will stop because fridge is thinking the door is open.I pried the door closing switch/button which can be pried with screw driver. On slightly pulling and refitting it, the sound stopped and air started circulating. It could be ice stuck or loading with too many items and jamming it.

I took the back panel off of my LG lbc22250sb fridge and there was a little round aluminum colored circle with the word “Buzzer” displayed on the panel near the circle. Disconnected the two little wires going to the circle and removed the circle. No more beeping.

my new unit’s alarm works but it is so low I almost can’t hear it. Am I going to have a maintenance problem with my LG REFRIGERATOR?

My friend (she lives about 5 houses away) and I both have the same LG fridge. We’ve realised they both beep at the same time. Not the “door is open” alarm, a different quieter beep that just happens randomly?! We’re really perplexed by it…? Anyone know what this could be? (and yes, we are worried that they are transformers communicating with each other…)

Our door alarm started the every 30 second beep beep beep. LG tech came as it was ONLY 5 yrs one month old on a unit we paid 35,000 psos for 5 yrs and a month AGO !~~! The brain board was determined to be bad. It was replaced to the tune of 3,200 p parts and another 700 p labor. Then the beep beep beep was still there and it was decided the door alarm switches malfunctioned. Another 400 pesos but no labor.. Then today we will order new door gaskets for another 600 pesos and I only HOPE we can get another FIVE years and a month service. As for LG I think we are finished with their products.

Our french door refrigerator is and has been a blinking nightmare beep beep beep. First the ice maker failed then the water dispenser stop dispensing water. Engineers replaced parts after parts the brain, valve and only god knows what else. It took months and a few strongly worded emails before LG relented and sent out a different contractor who found out their was a fault with electrical connection in the dispensing lever and the door reed switch which they replaced.

My LG fridge used to beep continuously if the doors were left open more than a minute. However for the past few weeks it beeps just once after a minute and then silence. Plus it has started to make a few noises like a clunk and then a whirring sound after an interval of maybe 30~45 minutes. Its an LG model GR B258JMA.

I solved the Problem with my Bosch fridge. I just cleaned the coil and everything else under the fridge with a spray bottle of soapy water and wow, no more noise. :). I read that could be a problem solver somewhere else.

I just found the problem with a friend’s LG. The weight of food in the door was tilting it down on the right side, pulling it just far enough from the switch to make the sensor think that the door was open. As a temporary fix, I taped a piece of cardboard to the top of the door so that it firmly activated the switch when closed. No more beeping!

Fixed the beeping! Refrigerator is an LG model LRFD21855ST.
1) unplugged it
2) removed the back panel which says for “technicians only”
3) unplugged all connectors
4) reconnect all connections

Plugged the fridge back in and that was it. It must have been a loose connection. Freezer is at a steady 0 degrees and fridge is at 37. Oh the sweet silence…

I had the same problem the only thing was that it seemed like it wasn’t cooling enough so I climbed up to make sure the door was having contact with the button and sure enough the refrigerator side door was actually lower I had my grand kids over and I had seen them hanging on the door so it’s safe to say that by them hanging on the door lower causing it not to have contact once the door was raised everything is working normal again

There are four buttons that tell the frig that all doors are closed. Two gray buttons on top, and two white buttons on the bottom. On ours, one white button on the bottom got stuck with some ice build up, and after freeing it, the frig stopped beeping.

We have a LBN10551SW and there are no buttons to close the door and we were told to use magnets but that didn’t work. That was the best the only approved LG technician in the area could do! He said you can’t disable it when we asked. There is a door alarm shut off button on the control panel of some models,but not this one that Penney carries! It has been beeping day and night intermittently since we got it a month ago! So I went on this blog and thank you very much – we got into the motherboard -found a standing up disc (green and black) and yanked that sucker out of there and — the sounds of silence!!! Thank you — you all helped us solve this ourselves. What a great community!

Okay, I am SO VERY GLAD I found this thread. We have the same problem of the alarm going off when the doors and the freezer drawers are closed. We do have a button on the door of the refrigerator to disable that alarm, but somewhere in this thread, someone found a frozen switch on a freezer drawer. I took a hair drier and put it on one of the drawer switches, didn’t cure the problem, the alarm was still going off. So I put the hair dryer on the other switch. That, my friends, solved the problem. Thanks a lot for all your comments.

We took a magnet and ran it across the “switch plate” located on the right side of the door. This “switch plate” is what causes the light to go off when the door is closed. Once we did that it seemed to reset whatever it was causing the annoying alarm. Good luck!

My single door lg refrigerator that I have purchased on Feb.17/Now noticed beep sound at the time of closing door. Is it defective?

Hi. Hoping someone I could help. I have lg French door fridge with door alarm and it works as designed. I leave it turned off because the 60 second trigger is too short. Is there anyway to adjust that trigger delay? I love the idea of knowing when someone leaves the fridge open as it could one day save an entire fridge load of food, but I only want to know after 3 or 4 minutes, 60 seconds triggers too many false alarms (putting away groceries, cleaning, re-positioning food etc)

It was horrible, the water-ice light jumping non stop and making this bell noise all the time 24-7, except for short periods of deceiving calm. I just had it. Read this thread and went back to the fridge. Tried everything. Finally, found the “bell”. There is a panel on top of the fridge. I unscrewed the panel and removed the cover, very carefully not to touch anything. Finally, found the little speaker from hell. It is a round thing towards the front of the panel. It has a little wire soldered into it. I used the screwdriver tip to unsolder the wire and alas! The noise is gone forever. My nerves are settling. I have an strange feeling of accomplishment!

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