Mouse pointer keeps moving back to same spot

Here’s a quick one… One of those face-palm moments that took me way too long to figure out.

I just spent 20 minutes trying to figure out why my mouse pointer would reset locations on my screen every second or two. I could move the mouse, but it would instantly jump back to the original spot (at the bottom of my screen). I’m in Apple OSX – though this same issue would affect Windows. Using only my keyboard, I tried shutting down every application one by one. Something in my computer was causing my mouse to disappear and move locations. After all my applications were closed, I tried relaunching Finder. Still nothing.

Finally, I try rebooting my entire machine. After it booted, the problem persisted. Becoming very frustrated, I turned off my wireless mouse and went to go to search for a wired mouse to try instead. That’s when the (very delayed) lightbulb went off in my head: my Wacom graphics tablet! Sure enough, I had placed my tablet stylus on the corner of my graphics tablet and it was fighting with my mouse, repositioning my mouse pointer to the same location on my screen.

In the words of the great H.J. Simpson: “Doh!”

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Holy cow man, I ended up here googling for the same situation and, as long as I read “Wacom tablet”, I instantly looked at mine and felt like the dumbest idiot in this world.

Holy crap, you just saved me hours of frustration. I usually leave my tablet unplugged and didn’t notice the pen sitting on it over a pile of papers, lol!

Oh my god I just had the exact same issue. I can’t believe 1) it was the stupid an issue and 2) so many others had the exact same one!
THANK YOU I was ready to reinstall my computer! hahahahaha

This JUST happened to me, boy do I feel dumb!! I needed to express my gratitude though, who knows how long it would’ve taken me to figure it out! Thanks again!

Wow… my this is the first result (I used tab on keyboard to access) and sure enough my pen was on the wacom tablet messing with the mouse. Thank you!

You sir, deserve a medal! I was thinking virus, hackers, … but I would never would have thought of this myself. Thank you Google, thank you Chris!

I hate to sound dumb but what’s a Wacom tablet? I have a new laptop. I don’t have a tablet but I do have an s-Pen in my phone but it’s currently IN the phone. I’m so confused.

Oh my god. This is exactly what just happened to me. I was lucky i had a wired and two copies of the same wireless mouse to rule out drivers. As soon as i read wacom I looked over and there was my pen knocked over onto the tablet. Thanks!

My computer is doing the same thing an I also have a wacim tablet, but here’s the thing…I don’t have my tablet plugged in, my pen is set far away. I’ve tried every USB port and still my mouse glitches back to the same spot.

I echo all the other comments. Like them, as soon as I read the word Wacom I had that lightbulb moment too. Thanks so much.

holy shit dude thank you so much i was cleaning my desk and i must’ve moved my pen on the tablet…spent too much time messing with the drivers and rebooting like 3 times. that was the last thing i would’ve checked. feel really dumb now.

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