Now riding the Python

All aboard! Welcome to my new improved blog. I’ve rewritten my blog in Python using It took me a couple weeks to get everything up and running the way I wanted, but there’s still many more features to be added. I guess you could consider this version 0.1 of this blogging software. I have more to post about, but I’ll save that for a later day.

You may also notice the layout is slightly different from my previous blog. I haven’t gone for a total revamp yet, but I cleaned up the layout a bit so that there’s more area for content.

So welcome back, and sorry for the delay. After upgrading Rails on my server, typo (my previous blogging software) broke, so I decided to write my own software and learn Python and at the same time.

Update April 12, 2013: Since using, I moved to Django, and now I’m back to PHP and WordPress. So I’m no longer riding the Python.

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