Thank you Firefox

I just stumbled upon something in Mozilla Firefox that saved me a lot of time: Recently Closed Tabs.

I had just finished typing up a new wiki page and just before saving, I accidentally closed the tab I was working in. After a quick moment of panic, I thought to myself, “Maybe Firefox has a feature to undo the closing of that tab.”

A quick click on the History menu revealed Recently Closed Tabs. I could instantly open up the tab again, complete with all the text I had just typed in my wiki entry. Thank you Firefox!

This has saved me about 10 minutes today, and probably many more future minutes. It also follows inline with an article that I read recently. The article explains the importance of providing an “undo” feature just like the one in Firefox that saved me today.

Update Apr 10, 2013 – This is now supported in most major web browsers.

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