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I have no doubt in my mind that this app is going to take iPhone photography to the next level. VSCO just released a new – free – version of their app called VSCO Cam. Move over Instagram, because your big brother is coming to play.

Amazing photos

I actually owned the previous version of VSCO Cam, which cost me a whopping 99¢, but in an App Store flooded with all sorts of free camera apps, this speaks volumes. VSCO knows a thing or two about processing photos and I have always admired the subtle, contrasty, creamy photos that VSCO helps produce. There’s a not-so-apparent quality to the photos that make you question whether they were produced by a mobile phone or an actual film camera.

The new app

The new VCSO Cam is hot off the press and just hit the App Store yesterday. This is a free app, so go and download it now from the App Store. This app is actually greatly improved over the the previous paid version with more features, better performance and it now embraces a community of sharing photos, similar to Instagram (although VSCO clearly states that they’re not trying to compete with Instagram). VSCO has now focused on the Freemium revenue model and I’m sure it will work for them. You can purchase more filtering packs in the app, however, I think the free version has more than enough. NOTE: If you owned the paid version of VSCO Cam, you get a bunch of the paid filters for free as a gift from VSCO.

So go on… Treat yourself to a free app and better photos.

VSCO CAM on the App Store
Available on the App Store


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