Why are the flames on my range yellow?

Last week I noticed that the flames on my LG gas range were more yellow than blue. Normally the flames are completely blue and clean-burning, so this concerned me. After a few phone calls, a utilities service visit and a bit of Google searching, I finally discovered the unexpected problem.

The concern

My main concern with the orange flames is that it indicates that the natural gas is not burning cleanly. My initial guess was that there was an improper gas-to-air ratio. I checked each of the elements, but all of them were seated properly and all of them had a bright orange flame.

The stove still seemed to cook things just fine, and I actually noticed that after about 20 minutes of cooking the flames went back to a more blue hue. However, a few hours later, when I needed to cook again, they would be yellow again.

I even called my local utilities company to report the problem and they sent out a serviceman. He had never seen anything like this before, and was concerned because yellow flames could indicate higher levels of carbon monoxide. The serviceman suggested that I call the stove manufacturer to have the regulator replaced.

The solution

Just before gathering my warranty card and purchase receipts in order to call LG tech support, I decided to do a final Google search to see if there were any answers online. During my search, I found this video and immediately my jaw dropped.

A HUMIDIFIER! That was the cause. A small children’s humidifier on the 2nd floor in my house. My daughter had been congested with a head cold and we had put a humidifier in her bedroom upstairs. After the humidifier had been running for a few hours, the humid air had apparently made its way downstairs and was now affecting the flames on my gas range.

To test the theory that the humidifier was affecting the colour of my gas flames, I turned off the humidifier for a few hours. Sure enough, my flames went back to blue. Then I plugged in the humidifier next to the gas range and turned it back on. Almost immediately, the flames turned to bright orange! (See my pictures below)

I would have never believed this if I didn’t experience it myself, but having a humidifier in your house can definitely affect the colour of your flames on a natural gas stove.

Why are my flames orange
Humidifier beside range

Please note that the above pictures were not modified in any way, and all settings, including white balance were manually configured to the exact same settings. Thanks to davespec25 for posting his video on YouTube and leading me to the solution.

8 Thoughts on “Why are the flames on my range yellow?

  1. Thanks for the post! I have the exact same problem. You saved my time, as I was planning go through the check list myself.

  2. James D on January 7, 2014 at 11:17 pm said:

    Had the exact same thing happen. A small one room humidifier ran in a bedroom caused my stove to have the orange flames. It also turned the gas flames used in my fireplace to be completely orange vs blue and orange.

  3. Thank you! My problem is solved. I was so glad to fine this since I was having the same thing happen when using my small humidifier.

  4. Same thing happened on my stove…and gas furnace main burners. strangest thing. normally healthy blue flame turns orange.

  5. Holy cow! I called LG and almost got someone to come out to check on the orange flame problem. I decided to put it off so that I can search on the Internet. After I read your blog, I turned off all the ultrasonic humidifiers in the house. That was about 2:30PM.The orange flame problem didn’t disappear immediately. After I got home from work around 6PM, there were no more orange flames!!!

  6. THANK YOU! I HAD the gas company out and they could not come to any conclusion after two and a half to three hours.

  7. Melody on April 7, 2014 at 6:44 pm said:

    Thanks sooo much!! We have same issue and same humidifer and my girls are both congested.. Whew

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