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Hotels that charge for Wi-fi

US $100 in keyboard

In this day and age, I am dumbfounded when hotels still charge for the use of Wi-fi Internet. Internet should be considered an essential service, especially for those travelling, on business or spending time away from family and friends. Having just come from a hotel stay where the rate for Internet was $10/day, I’m a bit mystified as to why this is still common practice.

The paradox

The reason that hotels charge for Internet usage is because they still feel like they can get away with it. They know that some customers are travelling with laptops and all the rest are travelling with a smart phone in their pocket. Therefore, every hotel customer will have the need – or at least preference – for wireless Internet service in their room. Basic Internet is needed for checking email, having video conferences, preparing presentations, or just catching up on Facebook. Realizing this, hotels try and make a quick buck by charging for Wi-fi.

The truth is, as a customer, if I have the choice between your hotel and another hotel that offers free wireless Internet, I will choose the other hotel, even if the net cost of my stay is the same at both places. In other words: If you’re going to charge me extra for Internet when I arrive at your hotel, then you’re a shady company, and I would much rather stay at a hotel who includes the marginal cost of connectivity in the cost of my room. Which brings me to my next point…

The cost

Ten dollars a day, per room? Are you serious? I don’t even need to do the math or the research to realize that this is a cash-grab. Internet is cheap, especially for the speeds that hotels deliver. When I can get an entire month of high speed Internet usage for only slightly more than your daily Internet rate, you’ve only reinforced the feeling that you’re just screwing me over in an attempt to gain a little bit more money out of my stay. Perhaps if Internet charges were along the lines of $1 a day or 50¢ a day, then I wouldn’t be here writing this article right now.

Why not charge for everything?

If money in your pocket is more important than customer satisfaction, then why don’t you start charging for the use of running water, electricity or linens? If you really want to increase your bottom line, then lock up the toilet paper and charge me $5 when I’m sitting on the toilet with no other options.

Obviously, I’d never visit your hotel ever again if this way the case, and I imagine your customer retention would be flushed down the drain  – pardon the pun. So when are you going to start realizing that your customers are already looking for hotels that include wireless Internet for free?


5 reasons to avoid pre-paid credit cards

I’ve seen a lot of those “pre-paid” credit cards in stores recently, and in the past year or so, I’ve actually received three of them as gifts. With all due respect to the people who purchased them for me; please stop buying these pre-paid MasterCard and pre-paid Visa gift cards.

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Big Al’s Aquarium Services Ottawa

Here’s why I can never shop at at Big Al’s Aquarium Services Warehouse Outlets ever again. I apologize for the length of this article, but want to be accurate and detailed.

For the past 3 years or so, I’ve had a 30-gallon aquarium in my office at work. It’s a relaxing (often mesmerizing) element of my office that both myself and coworkers have enjoyed for years. I feed my fish every day when I get to work, and I’ve always done regular water changes and cleanings to keep my fish healthy and my tank looking good.

It’s a very rare occasion that I add new fish to the aquarium, since I’m not too pleased with the small pet stores around my office, but on Aug. 27, 2010, my wife and I made an unusual trip across town to Big Al’s located at 1900 Innes Road, Ottawa, Ontario for the sole purpose of buying new fish to add to my aquarium. I purchased 10 new fish for my aquarium, and my wife, a school teacher, purchased a Betta fish and fishbowl for her classroom. Our bill was just over $60. We specifically made this drive to purchase from Big Al’s because I knew Big Al’s is a large chain and thought I could trust this store to purchase fish and supplies from.

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A tip from Inch’s bathroom #2

There is only one person who doesn’t replace the toilet paper roll after using the last square. His name is Apathy.

The worst landing page I’ve ever seen

It’s about time I wrote about this one. I have never seen a landing page quite as bad as the one I’m about to unveil. I honestly thought that this site was down or not responding the first time I visited, however it’s been almost a year now and nothing has changed. Is it a high-school student’s weekend project while learning HTML? You’d almost think so…

Introducing “Canada’s” largest food distributor” and billion-dollar company: Loblaw.

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LG Fridge Door Alarm

LG logo on fridge

I believe that I am the first person to post this problem on the net, because I’ve done some extensive searching and turned up nothing.

So, as you may have guessed (or deduced), our new fridge was delivered last night. The delivery guys came and dropped it off. The fridge is fancy as can be: Stainless steel, bottom-mount freezer, energy efficient…. and a nifty feature called a “Door Alarm”.

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Dear idiot

To the idiot who decided to walk onto my driveway last night:

I hope that you impressed your friends with your ability to kick off my driver-side mirror. I hope that everyone got a good laugh, and perhaps high-fived you for your accomplishment.

For your sake though, I hope that you had been drinking and that you’re not plagued with being so dumb every moment of your life. Perhaps this is what people refer to as “street smarts”.

Me, on the other hand, I’m not so great. I did not enjoy waking up to find my mirror in the snow. I did not enjoy driving to the dealership and finding out that it’s going to cost $300 to replace. This is not news one wants to hear a week before Christmas.