Mouse pointer keeps moving back to same spot

Here’s a quick one… One of those face-palm moments that took me way too long to figure out.

I just spent 20 minutes trying to figure out why my mouse pointer would reset locations on my screen every second or two. I could move the mouse, but it would instantly jump back to the original spot (at the bottom of my screen). I’m in Apple OSX – though this same issue would affect Windows. Using only my keyboard, I tried shutting down every application one by one. Something in my computer was causing my mouse to disappear and move locations. After all my applications were closed, I tried relaunching Finder. Still nothing.

Finally, I try rebooting my entire machine. After it booted, the problem persisted. Becoming very frustrated, I turned off my wireless mouse and went to go to search for a wired mouse to try instead. That’s when the (very delayed) lightbulb went off in my head: my Wacom graphics tablet! Sure enough, I had placed my tablet stylus on the corner of my graphics tablet and it was fighting with my mouse, repositioning my mouse pointer to the same location on my screen.

In the words of the great H.J. Simpson: “Doh!”


My Pebble finally arrived

Woo-hoo! After a full year of waiting, I finally received my Pebble watch today! If you’ve been living under a cyber-rock for the past year, the Pebble is the new geekiest toy on the block. It pairs with your smart phone and allows you to do anything you want, right from your wrist. Well, almost anything.


Paypal Math

My math might be a bit rusty since graduating, but this screenshot from PayPal seems a bit off to me…

Paypal Error

Perhaps there’s more to forex than I originally thought.


Five Things I Recommend

It’s autumn 2007 and, as always, I have a handful of things that are currently filling my life with joy. I’d like to take a minute to list 5 of these things and recommend them to you. I’m sure that some of these recommendations will eventually fade off my top 5 list, but as of right now, you should try these:

  1. Django. Django is a web framework written in Python. I’ve been experimenting with a couple Python web frameworks recently, and over the last month, I’ve written a couple small applications using Django. The installation is easy, development is fast and support is plentiful.
  2. French Onion Soup from M&M Meat Shops. These were recommended to me by my brother, Nick. They are amazing. They come completely frozen, and you put them in the oven. If you like French Onion Soup, you have to try these.
  3. Guitar Hero. As many of you already know, Guitar Hero is the game that revived my Xbox 360. If you still haven’t played this game, you should find someone with it and give it a try. Guitar Hero III comes out next week, and you can be certain that I am going to buy it.
  4. Plant bulbs. Fall is the time of year to plant spring flowers. There are tons of types of flowers that you plant now, and they will be the first ones to burst through the soil after the snow melts. Tulips, Daffodils and Crocus are among the many great varieties of flowers to be planted now. Check with your local garden centre to see which ones would be best for your garden.
  5. All-you-can-eat-sushi. I’ve gone twice in the last month. I’ve always enjoyed sushi but I’ve never really had the chance to venture out of my comfort zone when ordering. That was, until I went with co-workers for all-you-can-eat sushi. This is not like the typical buffet as you would find in Chinese restaurants. At most A.Y.C.E. sushi restaurants, you order off a menu, and each dish is made fresh for you. With a large group of people, you have the chance to try a lot of new dishes and things you wouldn’t normally order on your own. Another added bonus is that you never really feel full while eating sushi, so you can just keep eating and eating.

Guitar Hero optimal strategies

Just when I thought I was starting to get a bit good at Guitar Hero I stumbled upon a site that opened my eyes to an entire new world of Guitar Hero skill. is a site which documents most of the best Guitar Hero scores in the world. You see, the thing about Guitar Hero, is that you could hit every single note in a song, but if you don’t use your Star Power and whammy bar at exactly the right point, you may find that you only rank about 500th in the world.

Poking around a bit further in the site, I found this list of note charts and optimal “paths” through each song in the game. It appears as though a fellow named debr5836 created a program which extracts the songs of Guitar Hero, analyzes them and then finds the optimal strategy to maximize your score. This means using the whammy bar at exactly the right time, and hitting your Star Power so that you get the longest streak of notes possible. That is, of course, if you need something more challenging than getting 100% on Expert. Sigh…


Today my name is Unicode

To celebrate International Unicode Screen Name Day, I have changed my IM screen names for the day. International Unicode Screen Name Day was dreamed up by Justin and Robert and it falls on every Friday the 13th, (not just April the 13th).

To find out more information on International Unicode Screen Name Day, or how you can create your own unicode screen name, visit one of their blogs.


CSS Naked Day

If you’re looking at my blog right now (and if the date is still April 5 when you read this), you may be wondering where my design has gone. It’s CSS Naked Day 2007! There’s not a whole lot to explain, other than I’ve disabled my styles for one day, April 5, to show how awesome well-designed web sites can be. The only change that I’ve made to my blog is to add an HTML comment around my style tag. Everything else has remained exactly the same.

I actually like to remove the CSS from my sites as I design them as well. By removing styles, you get to see how visitors would view your site using a browser that does not support CSS. Many cell phones and portable devices would see web sites like this every day. I believe CSS Naked Day is a great way to promote good markup and style design.

If you’d like to find out more information on CSS Naked Day, visit the CSS Naked Day official web site.


5 things you didn’t know about me

While I was rebuilding my blog, I was memetagged by Robert. So here’s 5 things you never knew about me:

  1. When I was about 10, I borrowed my older brother’s bicycle that was much too big for me. I was driving down the walkway of a strip-mall when I lost control of the bike and drove it through the glass door of variety store. The glass shattered all over the place. Lucky for me, I wasn’t hurt and the store clerk saw that it was an accident, so she let me go. I just wish someone had got it on tape.
  2. I had a brief life as a TV star and made appearances on both Romper Room and Brownstone Kids when I was younger.
  3. I was suspended for half a day of highschool for performing a headspin in the middle of my school hallway. I had been warned two or three times prior to this incident. It was the most perfect headspin ever.
  4. In grade 8, I spent weeks designing and sewing together a Sub Zero costume which I wore on Halloween. I think I have pictures somewhere.
  5. In both grade 10 and grade 11, I was failing Math after midterms but managed to pull my marks up by the time the semesters were over, just enough to pass. I now have a Bachelor of Mathematics from the University of Waterloo. I have never failed a course in my life.

The hardest part of this task is coming up with five people that I can tag as well. Here’s what I came up with:

  • Heather – Love you babe.
  • Darryl – It’s been almost a year since you posted something lazybones
  • Geoff – I’ll wait till you have your blog done before posting your link
  • Jesse – Maybe you could use something to write about
  • Zeldman – This is just wishful thinking, hehe.

Update your bookmarks

Just a quick post to let you know that with the launch of the new blog, I’ve updated the blog paths, and if you have any bookmarks or RSS feeds, please update them appropriately.

Main blog URL:
RSS Feed:

Update April 12, 2013: You no longer need to worry about this page. The blog has been updated several times and the 301’s will redirect you if needed.


George Street Naturopathic Medicine

I don’t always post when I launch a new site, however I decided that perhaps I would start posting links to new sites when I launch them. I appreciate feedback on the design and coding of the site.

The site was designed for my good friend Joanna Thiessen. George Street Naturopathic Medicine is a naturopathic health centre in Waterloo, Ontario.

I was asked to create a design using the idea of an old house and something traditional rather than flashy and modern. Greens and browns were requested for the main colours of the site.

After coming up with a mock-up design in Photoshop, I sliced it up and created the HTML and CSS. You may want to have a look at the source of this site. A couple things that I’m somewhat proud of:

  • As on most of my sites, I’ve replaced the h1 title with an image, yet ensured that it’s still readable by search engines and screen readers.
  • The pageTop1 div is what I use to display the photo in the top right corner. I’ve designed it this way so that this image is easily substituted, or dropped completely, without any effect on the rest of the design.
  • I used an address tag to display the address under the logo at the top. As more devices are able to browse the web, and with more software like Google Maps I’m sure that address tags will provide more useful information than a p tag or regular div.

I appreciate any comments or suggestions you may have for me regarding this site.