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New Fridge!

Heather and I bought a new fridge on Saturday. We had looked at this fridge earlier in the week and it was on sale. When we went back on the weekend, it was $200 more expensive. The guy at FutureShop was nice enough to honour the discounted price though. The fridge is being delivered tomorrow evening though, so finally we’ll have some place to put food now.

In other news, we’re having our lawn replaced tomorrow as well, so by tomorrow night, we’ll have a whole new house.

Update: Soon after receiving this fridge, we had some problems with it and it was replaced. Read about the beeping door alarm.


Someone should invent toothpick sauces that you can dip toothpicks in and enjoy as you hold the toothpicks in your mouth.

Lack of sleep and energy

There is nothing quite like working an 18-hour day, getting 5 hours of sleep, waking up and shoveling for 45 minutes and then driving back into work. Nothing quite like it at all.

New site launched

Last week I launched a new site. features a few nifty features:

  • The band wanted music to be playing throughout the entire site. The timeline was a bit short to try anything with Ajax, so I went with an iframe.
  • The top section and nav is made in flash so that the buttons can animate and I’ve included a music player which loads external MP3’s and a newsletter sign-up which taps into my mailing list script written in PHP.
  • The lyrics page is a bit fancy. The band wanted the song names on the left to remain static while the rest of the page scrolled down. CSS2’s position:fixed wouldn’t have done this nicely, but unfortunately for me, not all browsers support position:fixed. So I figured having the song names follow the scrolling in the frame was the best option. Thanks to Robert Hahn for helping me with making this work.
  • The last cool thing about the site is the news box on the front page. This is made in flash, but it loads the text from MySQL which the band can administer and change whenever they have things to say.

A pretty full site for a short timeline. I’m happy with the way it turned out.

Theme Complete

I’m done! Finally. After hours of CSS and HTML fiddling, I finally finished my TypoGarden submission (which you are now viewing). Thanks to my good friend Robert Hahn for the help and inspiration.

For anyone wanting to give this theme a shot, you can download the theme for yourself from here.

New Typo Theme Started

I finally got a start to my Typo theme. Going for blue. Hopefully I can make something that impresses someone.. somewhere. Whether I win or not, at least I’ll feel good if someone uses my theme.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.