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VSCO Cam Free Version

[vimeo width=640 height=360]

I have no doubt in my mind that this app is going to take iPhone photography to the next level. VSCO just released a new – free – version of their app called VSCO Cam. Move over Instagram, because your big brother is coming to play.

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Commercial Photography Blog

Man in snow

I have started a new photo blog to showcase some of my stock photography and commercial photography. This new blog will not replace my current blog, but will be more focused on photography and photo-related items.

So, if you have a moment, please head over to my commercial photography blog and see for yourself.

Geoff and Ali’s Wedding Photos

Geoff was my classmate in university and we were roommates for our final semester at Waterloo. This past Sunday, after 4 years of courting, he married Ali Palmer (now Ali Wheeler) at the Mill Lofts in Guelph. I had the pleasure of doing their wedding photos for them.

This is a very short slideshow of some of the photos I took for them, although, more photos can be found in the Flickr Set for this occasion.

Congratulations Geoff and Ali and all the best for your future together!

Photos for Agave Grill

I recently visited Agave Grill in Ottawa. After hearing good things about this restaurant, I looked it up online and realized they didn’t have any photos in their “gallery” on their site. During dinner that night, I introduced myself to the owner and offered up my services as a photographer.

The following short slideshow is a showcase of some of the photos that I did for Agave.

DIY Super Clamp

super clamp

Recently I was looking on eBay for a Super Clamp. A Super Clamp is a small device that can me used to attach your camera flash to surfaces in a room to provide light from different angles. It’s way smaller than carrying around a separate tripod or stand for your flash and this small device costs about $40. That price is about $35 more than I am willing to spend. Here’s how I made my own Super Clamp for about $5 to fit my Nikon SB-800 camera flash.

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