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Alternative to the Griffin Twenty

Griffin 20 Alternative

Ever since I bought an Apple TV, I’ve been enjoying using Apple’s AirPlay¬†feature to stream music wirelessly to my home theatre from my iPhone. However, for about a year now I’ve wished that I could AirPlay music to my kitchen, where my wife and I spend a lot of time cooking, cleaning and entertaining.

Enter the Griffin Twenty. Recently Griffin Technology released a device called the “Twenty”. In short, it is an amplifier that uses an Apple Airport Express¬†and connected speakers to deliver the exact functionality that I was looking for. However, at $99 USD + shipping + the purchase of speakers and the Airport Express itself, this idea was getting a bit pricey.

So then I started getting creative and doing some research to see if there was a cheaper alternative to the Griffin Twenty. It turns out there is, and here’s the route I went:

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