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I have started a new photo blog to showcase some of my stock photography and commercial photography. This new blog will not replace my current blog, but will be more focused on photography and photo-related items.

So, if you have a moment, please head over to my commercial photography blog and see for yourself.


New York October 31, 2009

I’m on Christmas holidays right now at my parent’s place in Kitchener. I thought that I would post a video that I made a couple months ago. This video is from a trip that Heather and I took to New York, New York on Halloween. It’s short, but hopefully you like it.

[vimeo 7493404 w=640]

All of this was recorded using my Nikon D90, several different lenses and editing in AfterEffects.


5 things you didn’t know about me

While I was rebuilding my blog, I was memetagged by Robert. So here’s 5 things you never knew about me:

  1. When I was about 10, I borrowed my older brother’s bicycle that was much too big for me. I was driving down the walkway of a strip-mall when I lost control of the bike and drove it through the glass door of variety store. The glass shattered all over the place. Lucky for me, I wasn’t hurt and the store clerk saw that it was an accident, so she let me go. I just wish someone had got it on tape.
  2. I had a brief life as a TV star and made appearances on both Romper Room and Brownstone Kids when I was younger.
  3. I was suspended for half a day of highschool for performing a headspin in the middle of my school hallway. I had been warned two or three times prior to this incident. It was the most perfect headspin ever.
  4. In grade 8, I spent weeks designing and sewing together a Sub Zero costume which I wore on Halloween. I think I have pictures somewhere.
  5. In both grade 10 and grade 11, I was failing Math after midterms but managed to pull my marks up by the time the semesters were over, just enough to pass. I now have a Bachelor of Mathematics from the University of Waterloo. I have never failed a course in my life.

The hardest part of this task is coming up with five people that I can tag as well. Here’s what I came up with:

  • Heather – Love you babe.
  • Darryl – It’s been almost a year since you posted something lazybones
  • Geoff – I’ll wait till you have your blog done before posting your link
  • Jesse – Maybe you could use something to write about
  • Zeldman – This is just wishful thinking, hehe.

Update your bookmarks

Just a quick post to let you know that with the launch of the new blog, I’ve updated the blog paths, and if you have any bookmarks or RSS feeds, please update them appropriately.

Main blog URL:
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Update April 12, 2013: You no longer need to worry about this page. The blog has been updated several times and the 301’s will redirect you if needed.


What’s Up

Hi. Sorry that I haven’t been posting lately. Here’s what’s up with me:

I’ve started taking Wushu . Actually I’ve been taking Wushu for two and a half months now. Last night I tore my hamstring pretty bad, so I will probably be off for a couple weeks.

My brother Alex had Flesh-Eating Disease and has been in the hospital for the last two months as well. He gets out today though, so he’s going to be alright. A huge section of skin on his leg had to be removed.

Also, I’ve been trying to think of a feasible way of changing my email address. I don’t know how I’m going to give up my current address without informing everyone that I’ve ever given my email address to. There is just so much spam coming in lately. Don’t know what I’m going to do.