Basement Update #3

My house is safe again. We finished up the floor joists the other night and I now feel comfortable walking across my kitchen floor. We still have to patch up the subfloor but the hard part is done.

Now we just have to worry about our fridge and lawn. Heather and I went to look at Future Shop and Sears last night. I think we found a nice one at Future Shop.

As for our lawn. We have to get the entire lawn dug up and then replaced with new soil and grass. We’re getting quotes on that right now. If that turns into an exciting project, I’ll write more about it here.


Basement Update #2

I’m back again with more updates. The basement is a bit safer now. Matt came over again last night and we bought two jackposts and three 2×8’s from Home Depot. We made a nice sturdy beam out of the 2×8’s which now supports our kitchen floor.

Having this support allowed us to remove the 2×4’s that were holding up our floor and start putting new joists in their place. So we’re well on our way to being safe again, which is kinda comforting.

And, just when you can see the light at the end of the tunnel: Going to get some ice out of the freezer last night, I noticed that it wasn’t as cold as normal. A few hours later, I check up on it, and yes our fridge is definitely toast. So… after our kitchen floor is complete, I will have to buy a new fridge. The adventures never end.


Basement Update #1

If you’re someone who has had the experience of seeing my basement, you will know the mystery staircase that the previous owners left boarded up in the back corner. When Heather and I moved into our house, we quickly discovered these stairs and decided that we were going to take them down.

The only problem with removing the stairs is that they are actually holding up our kitchen floor. By removing the stairs, and the surrounding 2×4’s, we would be taking all support for our floor joists.

Well last night, we made significant progress. My friend Matt came over to help get the ball rolling. We went to Home Depot, and Rona to get supplies. Some 2×10’s, nails, screws, a new Skil Saw and contractor’s adhesive. Shortly thereafter, we made a few new discoveries:

  1. The staircase stringers aren’t really attached to anything. So the staircase itself was just floating on a few nails.
  2. Our kitchen floor has been supported by a few 2×4’s since we moved in. And a section of our floor was even supported by the staircase itself (see item 1).
  3. Not much was actually nailed in, or screwed in too deeply. Most of this staircase and floor support was balanced in place somehow. It’s amazing we haven’t fallen through the floor.

So currently, my basement is filled with wood, insulation and drywall. My kitchen floor has a huge hole where the mystery staircase used to be. We’ve only managed to fix 2 of the joists so far (there’s still 9 more to go). We’ve still got a lot of work ahead of us, but at least we’ve got moving on this whole thing. Once the basement is cleaned up, I’ll be able to put up my drums again.

More updates to follow…