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Prank Chat #1

I used to make prank phone calls with my cousin when I was in high school. Now that I’m surfing the Information Super Highway, I decided that pranking live chat agents is equally as funny. Whenever you’re browsing the net and find a site with a Live Chat feature, simply pop it up and start chatting. Prank chatting is the new black.

Welcome to [Online Diamond Dealer Web site]. A Jewelry Expert will be with you shortly. You are number 1 in line to be answered. Thank you for your patience.
You are now chatting with ‘Andrew’

Andrew: Welcome to Store name. How can I help you today?
Chris: Hi Andrew. Kinda a weird question… I’m wondering if you know if it’s possible to mount a diamond to an eye patch?
Chris: I guess it would be similar to mounting a diamond onto a piece of rigid fabric
Andrew: you can possible have that done locally, yes
Andrew: exactly!
Chris: What is the physical weight of a 3.5 carat diamond?
Chris: I wonder if it would be too heavy?
Chris: Also, are some shapes more suited for mounting against fabric?
Andrew: no, it will only be a few grams very weightless for an eye patch.
Chris: For example, are some cuts more flat than others?
Andrew: you can consider princess cuts as well as round
Andrew: or emerald
Andrew: did you select a diamond you would like?
Chris: In your professional experience, what would look best on an eye patch? Right in the centre?
Andrew: round would be best
Andrew: in the center
Chris: There is a diamond I found on your site… 3.6 carat, round.. GIA cert: XXXXXXXX
Andrew: that size would be perfect
Chris: I forgot to mention that this is for my wife.. I imagine that round is best for women as well though.
Chris: It’s our anniversary in June and I thought this would be a perfect gift. I’ve gotten her jewelry in the past, but this will be so beautiful I think.
Andrew: that would be a nice gift for her.
Chris: OK. I have a question. As I’m going through the checkout, can I reference you somehow, to indicate that you’ve helped me?
Andrew: i can have that overnight to you for free
Chris: On a $22,000 sale, I would hope that you get commission.
Andrew: there is no way to indicate that on the site
Andrew: but if you provide me your order confirmation number I will ensure it is overnighted to you
Andrew: that would be appreciated yes
Chris: Ok. Will you be around for a few minutes?
Andrew: yes, I can wait
Chris: I’ll place the order and give you the number.
Chris: ok. thank you very much. you’ve been very helpful
Andrew: thank you
Andrew: would you like to pop me the number here ?
Chris: Yes, either that, or perhaps I can email you?
Chris: I’ll leave this window open though
Andrew: sure I wait here but you can also send it to (removed email address)
Chris: ok. one moment.