LG Fridge Door Alarm

I believe that I am the first person to post this problem on the net, because I’ve done some extensive searching and turned up nothing.

So, as you may have guessed (or deduced), our new fridge was delivered last night. The delivery guys came and dropped it off. The fridge is fancy as can be: Stainless steel, bottom-mount freezer, energy efficient…. and a nifty feature called a “Door Alarm”.


New Fridge!

Heather and I bought a new fridge on Saturday. We had looked at this fridge earlier in the week and it was on sale. When we went back on the weekend, it was $200 more expensive. The guy at FutureShop was nice enough to honour the discounted price though. The fridge is being delivered tomorrow evening though, so finally we’ll have some place to put food now.

In other news, we’re having our lawn replaced tomorrow as well, so by tomorrow night, we’ll have a whole new house.

Update: Soon after receiving this fridge, we had some problems with it and it was replaced. Read about the beeping door alarm.