A tip from Inch’s bathroom

Have you ever been frustrated by condensation on your bathroom mirror when you get out of the shower? Are you annoyed when you wipe it off only to discover that you’ve now created streaks on your mirror, and the condensation just comes right back anyway? Here’s a discovery I made a couple months ago to get rid of your foggy mirror after a hot shower.

Simply use a hair dryer on its hot setting and move it in a circle over the area you would like cleared. At first, it won’t look like it has any effect, but then after a few seconds, the mirror will become crystal clear. Also, because you’re using hot air, the mirror heats up and doesn’t allow more condensation to form after you’ve cleared it off.

You can now shave, brush your teeth or style your fancy hair with confidence and a clear image staring back at you.


Dear idiot

To the idiot who decided to walk onto my driveway last night:

I hope that you impressed your friends with your ability to kick off my driver-side mirror. I hope that everyone got a good laugh, and perhaps high-fived you for your accomplishment.

For your sake though, I hope that you had been drinking and that you’re not plagued with being so dumb every moment of your life. Perhaps this is what people refer to as “street smarts”.

Me, on the other hand, I’m not so great. I did not enjoy waking up to find my mirror in the snow. I did not enjoy driving to the dealership and finding out that it’s going to cost $300 to replace. This is not news one wants to hear a week before Christmas.